Michael Wolff

It is with enormous sorrow that we announce the death of Michael Wolff. He was of course a founding figure of the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals, and a crucial figure in the successful development of the Society over the past fifty years. His commitment to what is now Victorian Periodicals Review has been a major factor in the journal’s success. Beyond the Society, he has been a visionary and effective presence in the field of Victorian Studies more widely. His work with Jim Dyos on the magisterial volumes of The Victorian City  (1973), for example, gave direction and inspiration to a whole generation of cross disciplinary scholars working at a time when Victorian Studies was still finding its way. He has also been a consistent presence within theVICTORIA discussion list throughout its long history.

There will be many future occasions when we will want to mark and celebrate Michael’s work and his long association with the Society, and this short announcement is not the place to begin to do so. I feel his loss personally – I first met Michael in Leicester over forty years ago, and his quirky and occasionally mischievous support and advice throughout my career has meant much to me. I am sure that I was not the only young scholar who benefited from his kindness, knowledge and wisdom over the years. He will be much missed.

Brian Maidment
President, RSVP.

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