RSVP Field Development Grant

The RSVP Field Development Grant was created with funds from a generous bequest to RSVP by the late Eileen Curran, pioneering researcher and Emerita Professor of English at Colby College. The grant is intended to support one or a team of researchers in creating resources that will facilitate the work of other scholars in their studies of 19tn-century British newspapers and periodicals.

This year’s winners:

RSVP are pleased to announce that this year’s winner of the Field Development Prize are Kirstie Blair (University of Strathclyde), Michael Sanders (University of Manchester) and Lauren Weiss (University of Strathclyde / University of Stirling) for their project ‘Literary Bonds: Mutual Improvement Society Magazines and Victorian Periodical Culture’.  Below is an abstract of the project:

This project seeks to uncover and disseminate awareness of a little-known aspect of Victorian periodical culture, by focusing on the magazines and newspapers produced by mutual improvement societies in Scotland and England, c.1830-1900. ‘Mutual improvement’ here encompasses a range of societies that defined mutual improvement as their key aim, including those that identified themselves, for instance, as literary, workplace or church groups. Such societies, primarily though not exclusively consisting of male artisanal workers, were particularly prevalent from the mid-late Victorian period. The project will supplement and contextualize our existing periodicals lists and record our findings. We will create a website to host a list of and information about these periodicals, with at least two examples of digitized issues. This is a small-scale online resource, which we see as the first step towards a larger digital humanities project involving these periodicals. A listing of societies and their magazines will also be available as a downloadable PDF, and supplied to relevant libraries and archives.

Many congratulations to Professor Blair, Dr Sanders and Ms Weiss on the grant, and much good luck to them on this project.

Previous winners of the Prize:

2016: Francesca Benatti and David King (Open University): “A question of style: individual voices and corporate identity in the Edinburgh Review, 1814-20”


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