About the Victorian Periodicals Review

Cover of Victorian Periodicals Review, Volume 52, Number 2, Summer 2020RSVP’s flagship journal, Victorian Periodicals Review, publishes the latest research in the vibrant and rapidly expanding field of 19th-century media studies. VPR features special issues, book reviews, announcements, and a biennial bibliography.

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Volume 53, Number 2, Summer 2020

Submission Guidelines

The editor of VPR invites articles on the editorial and publishing history of Victorian periodicals. Emphasis is on the historical, critical, or bibliographical importance of periodicals in the history and culture of Victorian Britain, Ireland, and the Empire. Contributions should be written in MS Word and prepared according to the Chicago Manual of Style. A VPR Style Guide is available from the editor. The author’s name should be removed from the manuscript before submission via email. More details can be found on our publisher’s page.

General queries may be directed to:

Katherine Malone
Editor, Victorian Periodicals Review
Department of English
South Dakota State University

Books for review should be sent to:

Laura Vorachek
Associate Editor, Victorian Periodicals Review
Department of English
University of Dayton

Those interested in reviewing books should fill out this brief online form.

Special Issues of VPR

Certain issues of the VPR are largely devoted to a particular theme under the management of guest editors. The following special issues (along with other issues) can be accessed by subscribers online at Project Muse (2005-present) and JSTOR (1968-2004). Please note that an individual or an institutional subscription may be necessary to access these databases. Paid-up RSVP members should have access to Project Muse through their subscription.

    • “A Return to Theory.” VPR 48.3 (Fall 2015). Matthew Philpotts, guest editor
    • “Digital Pedagogies.” VPR 48.2 (Summer 2015). Clare Horrocks and Kim Edwards Keates, guest editors
    • “Tradition and the New.” VPR 47.4 (Winter 2014). Natalie M. Houston and Margaret Beetham, guest editors
    • “Work and Leisure.” VPR 46.3 (Fall 2013). Andrew King, guest editor
    • “Victorian Networks and the Periodical Press.” VPR 44.2 (Summer 2011). Alexis Easley, guest editor
    • “Supplements.” VPR 43.2 (Summer 2010). Marysa Demoor and Kate Macdonald, guest editors
    • “Fortieth Anniversary Issue.” VPR 41.1 (Spring 2008). Rosemary T. VanArsdel, guest editor
    • “Periodical Pedagogy.” VPR 39.4 (Winter 2006). Teresa Mangum, guest editor
    • “Interdisciplinary Work and Periodical Connections.” VPR 38.2 (Summer 2005). Andrea Broomfield, guest editor
    • “Australian, New Zealand, and South African Periodicals.” VPR 37.4 (Winter 2004). Rosemary VanArsdel, guest editor
    • “The 19th-Century Press in India.” VPR 37.3 (Summer 2004). Julie Codell, guest editor