The Rosemary VanArsdel Prize

Rosemary VanArsdel

The VanArsdel Prize is awarded annually to the best graduate student essay investigating Victorian periodicals and newspapers. The prize was established in 1990 to honor Rosemary VanArsdel, a founding member of RSVP whose groundbreaking research continues to shape the field of nineteenth-century periodical studies.

The co-winners of the 2016 VanArsdel Essay Prize are:

Grace Beekman, an MA student at the University of St. Thomas, for her essay “Emotional Density, Suspense, and the Serialization of The Woman in White in All the Year Round,” and

Abigail Droge, a doctoral student at Stanford University, for her essay “Going Rogue: A Brief History of the Transferable Skill.”

Beekman’s and Droge’s essays will be published in the spring 2017 issue of Victorian Periodicals Review, and the two writers will share the $500 prize. We extend our warmest congratulations to them both!

The deadline for next year’s prize will be May 1, 2017. The winner will receive $500 and publication in Victorian Periodicals Review. Submissions should be 15-25 pages, excluding notes and bibliography. Manuscripts should not have appeared in print. For further details about the prize, contact the VPR Editor, Alexis Easley (editor @

Previous winners of the VanArsdel Prize:

  • 2015: Claire Furlong
  • 2014: Ann Hale
  • 2013: Paul Rooney
  • 2012: Jude Piesse
  • 2011: Katie Lanning
  • 2010: Rebecca Soares
  • 2009: Anne DeWitt
  • 2008: Paul Fyfe
  • 2007: Jennifer Regan
  • 2006: Christopher Pittard
  • 2005: Monica Flegel
  • 2004: Lorna Huett
  • 2003: Marty Gould
  • 2002: Troy Gregory
  • 2001: Rebecca Edwards
  • 2000: Mary Elizabeth Leighton & Russell Wyland
  • 1999: no award
  • 1998: Jennifer Ruth
  • 1997: Michelle Tusan
  • 1996: Anya Clayworth
  • 1995: Anne Baltz Rodrick
  • 1994: no award
  • 1993: Virginia McKendry
  • 1992: Gary Weber
  • 1991: Jerry Coates