The Curran Index

Charles-Keene-INDEX-smThe Curran Index is a reference tool and ongoing research project whose mission is to identify the men and women whose stories, poems, and articles appeared anonymously in nineteenth-century British periodicals.

2018 Update: the ongoing effort to identify the writers of articles, stories, and poems in the Victorian press — is getting a new look, and new super-powers!  With the support of RSVP, our intrepid editor, Gary Simons, is working with a team to convert the old set of pages, which are made up of blocks of text that have had to be scrolled through, into a fully functional online database that can be searched in a variety of ways.  Please visit this new and improved work in progress here ( and read about  all the latest additions to this rapidly expanding resource.

History of the Index: The research now known as the Curran Index was first published in print in the Victorian Periodicals Review, then later gathered together online as the Curran Index, available on the Victoria Research Web, whose page is mirrored in its entirety below (with kind permission) for the convenience of our viewers.

NB: Links from the mirrored page below will no longer work.