2019 Proposed Transition Plan

In order to facilitate the transition to the term calendar and procedures outlined in the new bylaws, the following measures were proposed and accepted at the RSVP annual meeting for 2019:

1. To enable coverage of RSVP’s legal obligations, the current terms of the President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Directors are extended until Sept 14, regardless of the date of the conference when their terms began.

2. Upon the start of the calendar term specified in the new bylaws (Sept 15), the positions of Editor of VPR, Archivist, and Webmaster are to be treated as Appointed Positions, as specified in the new bylaws and those persons who are currently holding those positions relinquish their status as Directors.

3. Although it is anticipated that future RSVP elections might be held in June or July, the following schedule (pending JHUP’s availability to meet this calendar) for nominations and elections has been approved by a vote of the Membership at the 2019 annual meeting, in accordance with the new bylaws:

7/29 Nominations committee issues a call for nominations (including self-nominations) for the following elected positions:

    • Vice-President (a 1-year term to align with the current President’s term)
    • Treasurer
    • Recording Secretary
    • Five Directors (one 1-year term, four 2-year terms to bring the Board to four members being elected in even/odd years)

Upon being notified of their nomination, members may choose to accept or decline the nomination. Each candidate who agrees to stand for election shall provide the Nominations committee a brief statement indicating areas of expertise, qualifications, and interest in the position.

7/29 Nominations committee issues a call for expressions of interest in serving on ad hoc committees during 2019-2020 or in the appointed positions of Student Representative and Marketing Coordinator.

8/28-9/11 Online election is open. Ballots include candidate statements. All current members of RSVP are eligible to vote.

9/15 New terms of service begin.