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Hi all,

I'm struggling to find The Graphic online, I ideally need to see copies form 1876 to 1892. I've tried both hathi and proquest to no avail. Does anyone have suggestions for where I might find these?
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7 days ago

Bob NicholsonIt's in the '19th Century British Library Newspapers' database, from Gale Cengage. All UK universities should have full access via their libraries. It's sometimes listed just as 'British Library Newspapers'. edit: for anybody who doesn't have access to this service, you can also access it via personal subscription to the British Newspaper Archive:   ·  7 days ago

Michael C. Millardif you do find them. please let me know Eleanor Dumbill7 days ago

Eleanor DumbillBrilliant, thank you Bob, I've managed to locate it! Michael C. if your institution has access you can get to it easily from find.galegroup.com1   ·  7 days ago

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Hi all,

Have you ever browsed the website It's contains images of thousands of artworks from UK museums, many of which have been tagged with descriptive keywords. This makes it possible to search for words like 'newspaper', 'magazine', 'reading', and 'journalist', even if these terms weren't used in the original title of the artwork. It covers all historical periods, but there are plenty of images of Victorian men and women reading newspapers and periodicals. There are quite a few periodical-related images here from provincial museums and National Trust properties that I've never seen before.

I reckon there's an interesting article to be written here about how newspapers/periodicals were depicted in nineteenth century artwork (though forgive me if somebody has already done this!). If nothing else, it gives us a few new options for book covers!

Here's a direct link to a search for 'newspaper' to get you started:

Let me know if you find anything good! Perhaps we could share interesting discoveries as replies to this post? Here's a few of the ones that I saved.
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1 week ago

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Carole O'ReillyGreat idea - we should write something!1   ·  1 week ago

Helen RogersIt's one of my favourite sites1   ·  1 week ago

Jennifer PhegleyCool resource! The introduction to *Reading Women*, a collection I co-edited with Janet Badia (published by University of Toronto Press) analyzes postcard and calendar images of women readers taken from Victorian paintings. Antonia Losano's essay in the book also looks at paintings of women readers.5   ·  1 week ago

Marysa Demoorthanks Bob!1 week ago

Patrick Leary"Editor" turns up some cool portraits. I think this one of John Black is my favorite:   ·  7 days ago

Sandra SchwabThanks for sharing, Bob!1   ·  2 days ago

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My favorite quote of the day:

"The periodical press was the sea in which all Victorian writers, men and women, big fish and literary minnows, lived and worked."

from Margaret Beetham, *Cambridge Companion to Victorian Women's Writing.*
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1 week ago