2006 Conference

Victorian Geographies

Graduate Center, The City University of New York, 14-15 September, 2006

aldgate.pumpPapers addressed the topic of geographies, broadly construed. The call for papers invited participants to talk on such topics as borders, spaces, hemispheres, colonies, resources, diasporas, populations, landscapes, environments, cities, regions, migrations, niches, disasters, maps, climates, frontiers, nationalities, and boundaries as they relate to the production, circulation, and consumption of Victorian periodicals.

You can download the call for papers here.


Thursday, September 14

Pre-Conference Activities
Board Meeting and Dinner

Friday, September 15

9:30 – 11:00

I. British Borderlands

Chair: Charles McGuire, Oberlin College

  • Linda Connors, Drew University Library, “The Geography of Identity: British Periodicals before 1850: British But Not English.”
  • Mary Lu MacDonald, Canadian Association for the Study of Book Culture, “The Geography of Identity: British North American Periodicals Before 1850.”
  • Sondra Miley Cooney, Kent State University, “North-South Tension in the Publishing of Chambers’s Edinburgh Journal.”

II. The Periodical and the Art Market

Chair: Thomas J. Tobin, DeVry University

  • Anne Helmreich, Case Western Reserve University, “The Art Market and the ‘Purity of the Press’: The Case of Critic, Dealer and Writer D. C. Thomson.”
  • Pamela Fletcher, Bowdoin College, “‘Apologia Pro Arte Mea’: A Critic’s Perspective on the Art Market and the Press.”
  • Respondent: Elizabeth Pergam, Curator, Dian Woodner Collection, New York.

III. “Foreignness” and Fin-de-Siècle Periodicals

Chair: Kathryn Ledbetter, Texas State University–San Marcos

  • Margaret Stetz, University of Delaware, “The International Savoy.”
  • Emily Simmons, University of Toronto, “Le Livre Jaune: The French Identity of The Yellow Book.”
  • Dennis Denisoff, Ryerson University, “The Yellow Book: Marketing Foreign Decadence to Domestic Readers.”

11:15 – 12:45

I. West End/East End

Chair: Sally Mitchell, Temple University

  • Cathleen Hamann, George Washington University, “Ladies on the Tramp: Navigating the Thresholds of East End Domesticity.”
  • Christine Bayles Kortsch, University of Delaware, “‘Beauty in a Hell of Capitalism’: Uncovering Sewing in the East End.”
  • Ann Ardis, University of Delaware, “Julie, The Clarion, and the Socialist Project of Cultural Uplift through Music.”

II. Mapping New Approaches to Victorian Periodicals

Chair: Linda Hughes, Texas Christian University

  • Andrew Stauffer, Boston University, “Dickens, ‘Bill-Sticking,’ and the Secret Keys of Fiction.”
  • Teresa Mangum, University of Iowa, “Unleashing the Dog from the Doggerel.”
  • Richard Fulton, Whatcom Community College, “Reporting Omdurman as an Adventure Story.”

III. Teaching Roundtable

Chair: Carol Martin, Boise State University

  • Alexis Easley (with students Brynn Bauer and Cortney Dirks), University of St. Thomas, “Teaching the Cultural Studies Essay.”
  • Brian Maidment, University of Salford, “Teaching Periodicals and the Presence of Texts.”
  • April Austin and Jennifer Phegley, University of Missouri-Kansas City, “The Sensational Form and the Periodical Press: Writing a Broadview Press Book Proposal to Understand Victorian Publishing Practices.”

1:00 – 2:30

Welcoming Remarks, Lunch and Business Meeting

2:45 – 4:15

I. Nation and World

Chair: Christopher Kent, University of Saskatchewan

  • Barbara Onslow, University of Reading, “Landon’s Landscapes: Shifting Strategies & Changing Visions in Fisher’s Drawing Room Scrap Book.”
  • Sarah Yoder, Texas Christian University, “Postcolonial Nation-Building and the Fin de Siècle Literary Press: The Case of Wales and The Red Dragon.”
  • Tanya Agathocleous, Yale University, “Transnationalism and Realism in the Westminster Review.”

II. Fin-de-Siècle Re/Views

Chair: Leslie Howsam, University of Windsor

  • Gowan Dawson, University of Leicester, “‘Emasculated Sensualities in Art Masquerading as Art for Art’s Sake’: Henry Maudsley, Scientific Theories of Degeneration and Periodical Reviews of Aesthetic Literature.”
  • Lorna Shelley, Manchester Metropolitan University, “Omnibuses, Urbanity and Magazine Fiction: Geographies of Late Nineteenth-Century London.”
  • Molly Youngkin, California State University Dominguez Hills, “Space for Both Women and Men: The Gender Inclusivity of Feminist Literary Criticism in Shafts and The Woman’s Herald.”

III. Gendered Texts/Spaces

Chair: Richard Fulton, Whatcom Community College

  • Kay Boardman, University of Central Lancashire, “A Rebel with a Different Cause: The Work of Eliza Lynn Linton.”
  • Kathryn Ledbetter, Texas State University-San Marcos, “Beauty and Civilization: The Necessity of Poetry in Victorian Women’s Magazines.”
  • Susan Waterman, Rutgers University, “From Carrying on a Legacy to Expanding a Genre: Ella D’Arcy in the Argosy, 1891-93.”

4:30 – 6:00

Michael Wolff Lecture: Linda Hughes, Texas Christian University.

Saturday, September 16

9:15 – 10:45

I. Writing the City

Chair: Barbara Onslow, University of Reading

  • Barbara Leckie, Carlton University, Ottawa, “‘Stories About Space’: Housing for the Poor in The Morning Post, The Pall Mall Gazette, and The Pictorial World, 1861-1883.”
  • Julia Chavez, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “Geographic Reveries: Place, Space, and Tactical Reading in Temple Bar.”
  • Elyssa Warkentin, University of Alberta, “Writing the City, Locating a Killer: The City of London and Jack the Ripper.”

II. Working-Class Navigations of Leisure and Print

Chair: Bill Scheuerle, University of South Florida

  • Brian Maidment, University of Salford, “Geographies of Regret: Cultural Nostalgia and the Urban Sketch in Periodicals of the 1830s and 1840s.”
  • Margaret Beetham, Manchester Metropolitan University, “Lancashire Sea-side and Christmas Annuals: Working-Class Readers as Tourists.”
  • Scott Banville, Georgia Institute of Technology, “Ally Sloper’s Half Holiday: The Geography of Class in Late-Victorian Britain.”

III. Mapping Material Production: Theory & Practice

Chair: Joanne Shattock, University of Leicester

  • Laurel Brake, Birkbeck College, “Multiple Editions and the Public Sphere, 1838-52: The Leader and the Northern Star.”
  • Christopher Allen and Marysa Demoor, Ghent University, “Supplements to Victorian Periodicals: A Progress Report.”
  • Amy Lloyd, University of Cambridge, “Probing Past Perceptions: Using Popular Periodicals to Examine Prevailing Perceptions of Emigration in Britain during the Late-Nineteenth and Early-Twentieth Centuries.”

11:00 – 12:30

I. “Foreignness” and Early-Mid Victorian Periodicals

Chair: Laurel Brake, Birkbeck College

  • David Latané, Virginia Commonwealth University, “Fishy Names: ‘Tydus-Pooh-Pooh,’ ‘Whangho,’ ‘Quaffypunchovic,’ and the Cod Foreigner in the Periodicals of the 1830s.”
  • Elizabeth Chang, University of Missouri–Columbia, “Cultivating China in the Gardener’s Chronicle.”
  • Thomas Tobin, DeVry University, “The Construction of a Blended Geography of Empire in British Periodicals in the Mid-Nineteenth Century, or, Around the World in Eighty Pages.”

II. Feminism and Mobility

Chair: Margaret Beetham, Manchester Metropolitan University

  • Emma Liggins, Manchester Metropolitan University, “‘The Life of a Bachelor Girl in the Big City’: Mapping the Spinster in 1890s British Periodicals.”
  • Valerie Fehlbaum, University of Geneva, “Mapping the (New) Woman’s World.”
  • Beth Palmer, Trinity College, Oxford University, “‘How little do we Londoners know of London!’ Sensation Monthlies Navigating the City.”

III. Editors’ Terrain

Chair: Marysa Demoor, Ghent University

  • Solveig Robinson, Pacific Lutheran University, “Poultry for the People: Ethel Comyns-Lewer and The Feathered World.”
  • Timothy Johns, New York University, “Before the Relaunch: Rocky Beginnings at Blackwood’s Magazine and the Advent of African Journalism.”
  • David Finkelstein, Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh, “Hierarchies of Value in Victorian Periodical Contents Pages: A Case Study of The Maid of Sker.”

2:00 – 3:30

I. Dickens’s Landscapes

  • Beryl Gray, Birkbeck College, “Household Words and the Urban Dog Figure.”
  • Caroline Reitz, John Jay College/CUNY, “Dickens’s Mobile Home.”
  • Robert McParland, Felician College, “‘The Wreck of the Golden Mary’ and Other Disastrous Journeys to America: Charles Dickens’s Border Crossings in Household Words.”

II. Public/Private Spaces

Chair: Teresa Mangum, University of Iowa

  • Elizabeth Tilley, National University of Ireland, Galway, “National Enterprise and Domestic Periodicals in Nineteenth-Century Ireland.”
  • Jim Mussell, Kings College, London, “The Role of Periodicals in Marking the Spaces of Secrecy for Scientific Research.”

III. Locating Major Authors

Chair: Solveig Robinson, Pacific Lutheran University

  • May Caroline Chan, The College of Saint Rose, “Rudyard Kipling and Anglo-Indian Newspapers: The Apprenticeship.”
  • Joanne Shattock, University of Leicester, “Gaskell and Eliot on Women in France.”
  • Joanne Wilkes, University of Auckland, “Margaret Oliphant’s Periodical Writings on French Literature.”

3:45 – 5:15

Plenary Panel: Unequivocal Virtues: The Legacy of Robert and Vineta Colby

Chair: Linda Peterson, Yale University

  • Micael Clarke, Loyola University Chicago, “Kindred Spirit and Discerning Scholar: Robert Colby¹s Contributions to Thackeray Studies.”
  • Linda Peterson, Yale University, “From Singular Anomaly to Women of Letters.”
  • Alexis Easley, University of St. Thomas, “Yesterday’s Woman, Yesterday’s Man: Representations of the Authorial Body in the British Medical Journal.”

Sunday, September 17

Post-Conference Activities