2004 Conference

Image and Text, Image in Text

University of Ghent, Belgium, 9-10 July 2004

The Conference programs were presented on July 9 and 10, but not in the order listed below, which reproduces the original listing of the conference website.

Special Sessions

July 8

  • Plenary: Dr. Nick Hiley “The Victorian Comic Journals Project” (Lecture hall A); Chair: Prof. Joanne Shattock
  • The online Athenaeum project: a progress report and short demonstration
  • Welcome by the Dean of the Arts Faculty, Prof. J. Devreker followed by a reception

July 9

Michael Wolff lecture: Prof. Lynda Nead “Astronomical illustration and fantasy in late-19th century popular science periodicals”; Chair: Prof. Laurel Brake

July 10

  • Plenary: Prof. Sally Shuttleworth “Monkeys and children”; Chair: Prof. Johan Braeckman
  • Plenary : Dr. Patricia Anderson “Living on the Edge: The Pleasures–and Perils–of ‘Reading’ the Image”; Chair: Prof. Chris Kent

Conference Program

1. Identity 1: Otherness (chair: Ed Cohen)

  • S. Clemm, “‘What is not English is not natural’: Constructions of (Un)Englishness in Charles Dickens’s Household Words.”
  • B. Fullalove, “Native Bodies and Colonial Subjectivity: Graphic Images from the British North American and Canadian Wests, 1865-1900.”
  • P. François, “The British Perception of Belgium as a Political Entity (1830-1865): An Analysis of the Contemporary Press.”

2. Identity 2: Visualising the nation (chair: Mark Turner)

  • D. Morphet, “John Wilson Croker’s Image of France in the Quarterly Review.”
  • Edward Cohen, “Images of Englishness. The Daily Chronicle and “Proposed Laureates” to succeed Tennyson.”
  • F. Benatti, “Images of Ireland: The Dublin Penny Journal and the Construction of Irish Identity.”

3. Identity 3: Constructions of identities (chair: Jürgen Pieters)

  • D. Latané, “Alaric ‘Attila’ Watts, the Frasers’ Portrait Gallery, and William Maginn.”
  • C. Sumpter, “Visualising the Serial Consumer: Periodical Readers in Image and Text.”
  • M. Turner, “Inventing Celebrity.”

4. Design – Formal aspects – Techniques & Strategies (chair: Peter Sinnema)

  • L. Brake, “Blackwood’s and its Competitors: Concept and Design of the 19C Magazine, 1860-1895.”
  • E. Casey, “The End of the Three-Decker Novel.”
  • L. Huett, “Dickens among the Unknown Public: New Formats for the Mass-Market Periodical in the Mid-Nineteenth Century.”
  • B. Maidment, “The Illuminated Magazine and the Triumph of Wood Engraving.”

5. Art, Art Criticism & the Image (chair: Gowan Dawson)

  • L. Hughes, “Aestheticism on the Cheap: Decorative Art, Art Criticism, and Cheap Paper in the 1890s.”
  • T. Gregory, “Writing a Visual Tradition: The Aesthetics of Sport 1700-1850.”
  • A. McAllister, “Prima Donnas, Bare Feet and Garibaldi: The Representation of Risorgimento Italy in the Illustrated London News.”
  • P. Lefèvre, “Illustrated Periodicals in Belgium at the End of the 19th Century: A Case Study of the Images in the Weeklies De Zweep and La Feuille Illustrée.”

6. Gender 1: Representations of Femininity (chair: Joseph Bristow)

  • I. Chiotis-Leskowich, “The Creation of a 19th-Century Greek Woman’s Periodical: A Cognitive Dissonance Matter.”
  • L. Garrison, “‘Bleared Faces and Crinoline and Legs’: Visual Technologies and Moral Focus in The Woman in White and All the Year Round.”
  • A. Humpherys, “Three Women in a Boat: Illustrating Women (New and Old) in The Idler 1892-1897.”
  • L. Shelley, “The Covers of the Yellow Book and Representations of Femininity.”

7. Gender 2: Masculine versus Feminine (chair: Gert Buelens)

  • J. Fisher, “Conflicting Ideas of Masculinity and Mid-Victorian Professionalization in the Collaboration of Frederick Walker and W.M. Thackeray in the Cornhill Magazine.”
  • Ch. Kent, “The Imagery of Masculine Fashion in the Tailor and Cutter.”
  • B. Onslow, “Interpreting Fashion: Image and Text in Victorian Journalism.”
  • S. Polemikou, “The Image of the Adolescent Girl in the mid-to late 19th century periodical literature of Greece and England.”

8. Visualising science (chair: Griet Vandermassen)

  • G. Dawson, “Darwinian Transformations: Darwin, Gorillas and Visual Responses to the Descent of Man.”
  • L. James, “‘Then Inhale the Gas’: Picturing the Sciences in Victorian Boys’ Journals.”
  • J. Mussell, “‘We Have Not Yet Arrived at the New Journalism’: Images, Science and Time in the Late-Nineteenth-Century Periodical.”

9. Women Writers Part 1: George Eliot and Edith J. Simcox (chair: Ellen Miller Casey)

  • F. Dillane, “Making New Markets from the Margins: Marian Evans at the Letterpress of the Westminster Review, 1851-54.”
  • C. M. Fulmer, “Imaging the Independent Working Woman: Edith J. Simcox and the Victorian Periodical.”
  • K. McCormack: “Visual Images and George Eliot’s Creative Imagination: Middlemarch and the Keepsake.”

10. Women Writers Part 2 (chair: Ann Humpherys)

  • C. Martin, “George Paston, Periodical Writer: The Evolution of an Image.”
  • G. Reymenants, “A Sweet Face and a Sensitive Soul: Representations of Women Writers Before and After the First World War.”
  • J. Shattock: “Elizabeth Gaskell: Journalism and Letters.”
  • L. Vandenbussche: “Tracing Images in Texts: Representations of Liberal Women Writer’s Authorship in Late Nineteenth-Century Flanders.”

11. Periodicals, Illustrations and the Novel (chair: Michael Wolff)

  • B. Gray, “Man & Beast: Text and Illustration in The Old Curiosity Shop”
  • J. Holzman, “Entertainment and Education: Generic Concerns in Phineas Finn, Saint Paul’s Magazine, and Millais’s Illustrations.”
  • Chr. Gelly, “Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes Stories: Crime and Mystery from the Text to the Illustrations.”

12. Poetics, Poets & Periodicals (chair: Linda Hughes)

  • J. Bristow, “The Armytage-Tomson-Watson Sequence: Poetic Disidentification and the Transatlantic Periodicals, 1883-1900.”
  • K. Ledbetter, “Tennyson and the Periodicals.”
  • S. Jöttkandt, “Image, Metaphor, Action: Representing Walter Pater’s ‘ Sebastian van Storck’.”

13. Politics (chair: Brian Maidment)

  • M. Chase, “The Graphic Dimensions of the Northern Star.”
  • J. Osborne, “‘Governed by Mediocrity’: Image and Text in Vanity Fair’s Political Caricatures, 1869-1889.”
  • P. Sinnema, “Matthew Wyatt’s Wellington: A Failure of the Industrial Sublime.”
  • S. Bru, “‘The Malady of the Retina’ (Huysmans). Critiques of Ocularcentrism in Vanguard Literary Magazines between 1890 and 1945”

14. Periodicals & Illustrations: Message & Meaning (chair: Louis James)

  • S. Dewis, “Accurate Dreams or Illustrations of Desire: The Impact of Visual Images of the Garden from the Gardener’s Magazine.”
  • F. Murray, “‘Often Taken Where a Tract is Refused’: T.B. Smithies, the British Workman, and the Popularisation of the Religious and Temperance Message.”
  • B. Donnelly, “An Unfortunate Overcrowding on ‘The Bridge of Sighs’: An Examination of the Urban Space of the Suicide Narrative.”
  • J. Smith, “Reading and Seeing: Images of Victorian Drama in the Periodical Press”.