2003 Conference

The Victorian Periodical Press: Texts and Contexts

Varscona Hotel, Edmonton, Alberta, 19-20 September, 2003

Conference Program

Thursday evening, September 18
Registration and wine reception at Varscona Hotel

Friday, September 19

9:00 – 10:30: Keynote: George Levine (Kenneth Burke Professor of English, Rutgers U): “Darwin, Positivism, and the Human Sciences.”

10:45 – 12:15: Session One

Panel One: “Legal Discourse”

  • Elizabeth F. Judge (Ottawa), “Reading Credibility: Witnesses, Characters and the Prisoner’s Counsel Act.”
  • Karin Kellogg (Alberta), “Feme (C)Overt: Maria Theresa Longworth and the Yelverton Marriage Case.”
  • Monica Flegel (Alberta), “Constructing Child-Protection Histories: Queen Victoria and the NSPCC.”

Panel Two: “Mobile Spirits”

  • Alexis Easley (U of Alaska Southeast): “Periodical Journalism and the Practice of Literary Tourism in Victorian London.”
  • Jennifer Shepherd (U of Alberta): “Motoring Literature and the New Woman.”
  • Maire ni Fhlathuin (U of Nottingham): “Writing in the ‘Contact Zone’: Anglo-Indian Periodicals of the 1830s.”

12:15 – 1:30: VSAWC executive meeting.

1:30 – 3:00: Session Two

Panel Three: “Elizabeth Gaskell”

  • Joanne Shattock (Leicester): “Editing Gaskell Today.”
  • Linda Peterson (Yale): “The Afterlife of Elizabeth Gaskell’s Life of Charlotte Bronte.”
  • Linda K. Hughes (Texas Christian U), “The Seductions of Dram-Drinking: The Intertextual Relation of Gaskell’s Domestic and Sensation Fiction.”

Panel Four: “Periodical Genres”

  • Laurel Brake (U of London): “Magazine or Newspaper? The Hybridity of Weeklies.”
  • Caroline Sumpter (Open U): “‘Wastes of Print’ and ‘Wildernesses of Words’: Debate over Periodical Reading in the Victorian Middle Class.”
  • Rachel Buurma (U of Pennsylvania): “Authorizing the Pseudonym Library: the Late-Victorian Publishers’ Series in its Literary Context.”

3:15 – 4:45: Session Three

Panel Five: “Historiography”

  • Michael Carignan (Elon): “Analogical Reasoning and Victorian Historical Knowledge.”
  • Lisa Surridge (UVIC): “Time, History, and the New Woman.”
  • Michael Cohen (NYU): “Thomas Carlyle and the Problems of Historiography.”

Panel Six: “Learned and Vulgar Discourses”

  • Gowan Dawson (U of Leicester): “W. T. Stead, T. H. Huxley and the Control of Meaning in the New Journalism.”
  • Leslie Howsam (U of Windsor): “History in the Late-Victorian Periodical: Imagining the English Historical Review.”
  • Vanessa Warne (U of Manitoba): “‘Dangerous to Look at or Describe’: Thackeray, Immorality and the Literary Annual Industry.”
  • Kathryn Ledbetter (Southwest Texas State U): “Amalgamating the ‘Broad Gauge of Fancy with the Narrow Gauge of Fact’: The Man in the Moon.”

7:00: Banquet: Michael Wolff lecture. RSVP announced the passing of Josef Altholz, who was to have given this year’s lecture on “Whimsy, Serendipity and Chutzpah: The Improbable Success of RSVP.”

Saturday, September 20

9:00 – 10:30: Keynote: Clare Midgley (Reader in History and Head of the Centre for Gender Studies, London Metropolitan U): “Beyond–or Before–‘Imperial Feminism.'”

10:45 – 12:15: Session Four

Panel One: “Victorians & Visual Culture”

  • Judith Mitchell (UVIC): “Reading Masculinity: Hardy, Hollywood, and the Violence of the Text.”
  • Grace Kehler (McMaster U): “Still for Sale: Love Songs and Singing Whores from La Traviata to Moulin Rouge.”
  • Daniel Martin (UWO): “Reading Visual ‘Up-to-Dateness’ in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.”

Panel Two: “Celebrity and Controversy”

  • Judith Law Fisher (Trinity U): Fraser’s Portraits and the Construction of Literary Celebrity.”
  • Meaghan Clarke (U of Sussex): “The Academy’s New Clothes or the ‘Fad About the Nude in Art’?”
  • Mary Elizabeth Leighton (UVIC): “Staging Immorality: Herbert Beerbohm Tree and the Actor-Management Question in the Late-Victorian Periodical Press.”
  • Peaches Henry (U of Wyoming): “Frances Power Cobbe, the Theological Review, and the Victorian Religious Debate.”

12:15 – 1:30: VSAWC and RSVP Annual General Meetings

1:30 – 3:00: Session Five

Panel Three: “Genre”

  • Vanessa Warne (U of Manitoba): “‘The meaning concealed in each strangely carved stone’: Letitia Landon and the Reading of Indian Ruins.”
  • Lauren Gillingham (York U): “The Novel of Fashion Redressed: Bulwer-Lytton’s Pelham in a Nineteenth-Century Context.”
  • Kirsten MacLeod (Alberta): “Art for America’s Sake: Aestheticism and Decadence and the Making of American ‘Culture’ in the Little Magazines of the 1890s.”

Panel Four: “Publicity, Privacy and Identity”

  • Lisa Surridge (UVIC):”The Serial Novel, the Newspaper, and the Divorce Court: The Public Gaze of the Media in He Knew He Was Right.”
  • Caroline Reitz (Saint Louis U): “Amazon.com: In and Around Cranford.”
  • Janice Schroeder (Carleton U): “The Methodology of Everyday Life: Domestic Particulars in the English Woman’s Domestic Journal and Mrs. Beeton’s Book of Household Management.”

3:15 – 4:45: Session Six

Panel Five: “Imperialism and Other Myths”

  • Elizabeth Galway (Exeter): “God Save the Queen?: Subverting the Imperial Order in Victorian Canadian Children’s Literature.”
  • Kristen Guest (U of Toronto): “Faust Updated: Victorian Re-Readings of Dr. Faustus.”
  • Stacy Grooters (U of Washington): “Studying Imperial Literacies in Kipling’s Kim.”

Panel Six: “Women’s Work–Personal and Philanthropic”

  • Arlene Young (U of Manitoba): “The Queen and the Working Girl: The Evolution of the Idea of Work in the Lady’s Newspaper, 1861-1900.”
  • Kay Boardman (U of Central Lancashire): “‘Light Comes to Those Who Dare to Think’: Shafts, a Radical Departure in Publishing.”
  • Cheryl Cassidy (Eastern Michigan U): “Taking the New Woman to the Mission Site: Louise Manning Hodgkins and the Heathen Woman’s Friend.”
  • Monica Flegel (U of Alberta): “The Child’s Guardian and the League of Pity Paper: Nineteenth-Century Child Protection Discourse and the Periodical Press.”