Popular History in Victorian Magazines Database – NOW AVAILABLE!

Popular History in Victorian Magazines Database (PHVM) <http://phvm.ub.uni-freiburg.de/index.php?site=intro>


Periodicals were an essential part of, and reflected all aspects of Victorian culture, including the Victorians’

interest in the past. The Popular History in Victorian Magazines Database (PHVM) derives from a project on popular presentations of history in Victorian magazines:


“Histories for the Many: Historical Lifeworlds in Victorian Family, Women’s and Children’s Periodicals” –

“Geschichte(n) für viele: Historische Lebenswelten in Familien-, Frauen- und Kinderzeitschriften des viktorianischen England” (KO 1195/15-1) <http://portal.uni-freiburg.de/historische-lebenswelten/projekte/BK_DL>

in the context of the Research Group DFG FOR 875 “History in Popular Cultures of Knowledge” – “Historische Lebenswelten in populären Wissenskulturen der Gegenwart”



The database presents results from a content analysis of five Victorian magazines from different sectors of the periodicals market – All the Year Round, The Leisure Hour, The Englishwoman’s Domestic Magazine, The Ladies’ Treasury, and The Boy’s Own Magazine – for the years 1860, 1865 and 1870. It makes visible some of their common trends and significant differences. It thus indicates that mid-Victorian popular historical culture was marked by both mainstream interests and significant internal diversification.

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