Bibliography 1999-2001: Introduction

About the 1999-2001 Bibliography

Compiled and edited for the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals, the RSVP Bibliography covers articles dealing with periodicals in the period 1800-1914, culled from over 100 periodicals and reference works published between July 1999 and December 2001. (A few entries cover earlier works missed in the 2000 Bibliography.) This edition of the Bibliography features the work of many contributors from around the world and includes a number of resources covered here for the first time: Cahiers Victoriens et Edouardiens; Journal of Victorian Culture; Masters Abstracts International; Nineteenth-Century Feminism; Victorians Institute Journal; Women’s Writing; and three Shakespeare journals, Shakespeare Quarterly, Shakespeare Studies, and Shakespeare Survey.

Many thanks to all of the continuing contributors, several of whom offered to pick up additional titles, and to the many new volunteers who responded to appeals on VICTORIA and elsewhere and who suggested many of the new titles. Without you, this project would not be possible. Thanks also to VPR editor William Scheuerle. Corrections, additions, and comments are welcome, as are volunteers willing to contribute to future editions of the Bibliography.

Solveig C. Robinson
Pacific Lutheran University

Robin Barrow, Elizabeth H. Battles, Heike Bauer, Florence Boos, Andrea L. Broomfield, Jason Camlot, Robyn Chandler, Catherine Delyfer, Carrie Etter, Devon Fisher, Laurie Garrison, Daniel Gorman, Alicia Gribben, Bonnie Gunzenhauser, Joetta Harty, Veda Laxmi Khulpateea, Leanne Langley, Mary Elizabeth Leighton, Carol Martin, Sally Mitchell, Grace Moore, Jennifer Phegley, Kathryn Prince, Solveig C. Robinson, Carrier Runstedler, Sarah Russo, Marilyn B. Saveson, Monica Smith, Thomas J. Tobin, Larry K. Uffelman, Rosemary T. VanArsdel, Zsuzsanna Varga, Catharine Vaughan-Pow, Amber Vogel, Juliette Wells, Susan Dara Wright

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This bibliography and its related apparatus appeared originally in Victorian Periodicals Review and are copyrighted works of the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals. The annual bibliography is posted here on the Internet as a service to interested scholars. RSVP encourages scholars to JOIN THE SOCIETY and subscribe to VPR if they find this bibliography useful—VPR regularly features articles on printing history, material culture, art history, literature, and cultural studies as they apply to periodicals the “long” nineteenth century.