The Rosemary VanArsdel Prize

Rosemary VanArsdel

The VanArsdel Prize is awarded annually to the best graduate student essay investigating Victorian periodicals and newspapers. The prize was established in 1990 to honor the late Rosemary VanArsdel, a founding member of RSVP whose groundbreaking research continues to shape the field of nineteenth-century periodical studies.

Please note that the deadline for 2019 submissions has already passed. The deadline for 2020 submissions is yet to be announced. Check back here or our social media feeds for updates!

Prize Information and Submissions

The winner of the VanArsdel Prize receives $500 and publication in Victorian Periodicals Review. Submissions should be 15-25 pages, excluding notes and bibliography. Manuscripts should not have appeared in print. For further details about the prize, contact the VPR Editor, Kathy Malone (

Previous Awardees

Previous winners of the VanArsdel Prize are:

  • 2018: Helen Sunderland, “‘Politics for Girls’: Representations of Political Girlhood in the Girl’s Own Paper and the Girl’s Realm
  • 2017: Sharon Draucker, “‘Vibrating through all its breadth’: Musical Fiction and Materialist Aesthetics in the Strand Musical Magazine
  • 2016: Grace Beekman, “Emotional Density, Suspense, and the Serialization of The Woman in White in All the Year Round” and Abigail Droge, ““Always Called Jack”: A Brief History of the Transferable Skill”
  • 2015: Claire Furlong, “Health Advice in Popular Periodicals: Reynolds’s Miscellany, the Family Herald, and Their Correspondents”
  • 2014: Ann Hale, “W. T. Stead and Participatory Reader Networks”
  • 2013: Paul Rooney, “Readers and the Steamship Press: Home News for India, China, and the Colonies and the Serialization of Arthur Griffiths’s Fast and Loose, 1883–84″
  • 2012: Jude Piesse, “Dreaming across Oceans: Emigration and Nation in the Mid-Victorian Christmas Issue”
  • 2011: Katie Lanning, “Tessellating Texts: Reading The Moonstone in All the Year Round
  • 2010: Rebecca Soares, “Literary Graftings: Hannah Crafts’s The Bondwoman’s Narrative and the Nineteenth-Century Transatlantic Reader”
  • 2009: Anne DeWitt, “Moral Uses, Narrative Effects: Natural History in Victorian Periodicals and Elizabeth Gaskell’s Wives and Daughters
  • 2008: Paul Fyfe, “The Random Selection of Victorian New Media”
  • 2007: Jennifer Regan, “‘We Could Be of Service to Other Suffering People’: Representations of India in the Irish Nationalist Press, c. 1857-1887”
  • 2006: Christopher Pittard, “‘Cheap, Healthful Literature’: The Strand Magazine, Fictions of Crime, and Purified Reading Communities”
  • 2005: Monica Flegel, “Changing Faces: The NSPCC and the Use of Photography in the Construction of Cruelty to Children”
  • 2004: Lorna Huett, “Among the Unknown Public: Household Words, All the Year Round and the Mass-Market Weekly Periodical in the Mid-Nineteenth Century”
  • 2003: Marty Gould, “Flirting with Disaster: Sexual Play in the Victorian Periodical”
  • 2002: Troy Gregory, “Mr. Jorrocks’s Lost Sporting Magazine”
  • 2001: Rebecca Edwards, “‘Prosecuting the onus criminus‘: early criticism of the novel in Fraser’s Magazine
  • 2000: Mary Elizabeth Leighton, “‘Hypnosis Redivivus’: Ernest Hart, British Medical Journal, and the Hypnotism Controversy” and Russell Wyland, “John Taylor Coleridge, Forgotten Editor of The Quarterly Review
  • 1999: no award
  • 1998: Jennifer Ruth, “‘Gross Humbug’ or ‘The Language of Truth’? The Case of the Zoist
  • 1997: Michelle Tusan, “Inventing the New Woman: Print Culture and Identity Politics during the Fin-de-Siecle”
  • 1996: Anya Clayworth,”The Woman’s World: Oscar Wilde as Editor”
  • 1995: Anne Baltz Rodrick, “‘Only a Newspaper Metaphor’: Crime Reports, Class Conflict, and Social Criticism in Two Victorian Newspapers”
  • 1994: no award
  • 1993: Virginia McKendry, “The Illustrated London News and the Invention of Tradition”
  • 1992: Gary Weber, “Henry Labouchere, Truth and the New Journalism of Late Victorian Britain”
  • 1991: Jerry Coats, “‘Tamworth Reading Room’: Adjusting Rhetorical Approaches for the Periodical Press”